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September – no full return until it’s safe

Boris Johnson has announced that schools in England will be returning “with full attendance” in September. This follows a sustained propaganda campaign from the media and pro-capitalist politicians designed to put pressure on schools to re-open as soon as possible.

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Covid Crisis exposes Tory Hypocrisy

One of the most nauseating sights and sounds of the lockdown has been Tory politicians justifying their attempts to fully re-open schools. They have the bare faced cheek to argue that they are concerned that vulnerable children will be left at risk if schools don’t open.

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Fully fund schools – stand firm on safety

Under pressure from their own failures to make sure schools are in a position to safely open more widely, the Tories have committed to providing £1 billion for schools next year. However, the money comes with significant strings attached.

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Tories knocked back on schools opening

Faced with parental distrust and organised trade union opposition, the Tories’ plans to implement a wider, phased return of children into England’s primary schools from 1 June have run into widespread resistance.

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