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U-turn won – but battle in schools is far from over

We can be proud that we have helped to push the government back but the battle in schools is still far from over. We have to make sure that schools operate safely for the priority learners they will be teaching face-to-face and that staff are able to resist unacceptable workload demands …

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Action wins Tory U-turn on school safety

The last few days have seen a monumental battle between members of the biggest education union, the National Education Union (NEU) – and the Tory government. Boris Johnson has yet again been forced into a massive U-turn.

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Win regular mass testing for children and staff in every area

Ministers still can’t bring themselves to admit to what is now surely blindingly obvious. If school-aged children are so widely infected, insisting that parents send them in to classes of thirty in badly-ventilated classrooms inevitably means that schools will be acting as a significant driver of wider community transmission.

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Escalation to higher tier requires escalation to strike ballot

The “Covid consensus” is finally starting to crumble. At last some opposition politicians are starting to speak out clearly about the woeful failure of the Tory Government to control the spread of the virus. But words alone can be ignored. So now it’s time for the NEU to back up words with action and call strike ballots in the worst affected areas.

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