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Lockdown but still no testing in Caerphilly

“Now we’re in local lockdown. Yet the schools are open, and there is still no sign of routine tests or even temperatures being taken at the gates. If they had routine tests each week then we could just get on with it. This nonsense will just lead to closures all over again”.

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If it’s not safe, then escalate !

STAFF HAVE RETURNED to school wanting to do the best for their students. But schools’ responsibilities for education and welfare also extend to safety – for children, for families, and certainly to their staff.

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Demand what schools need for a “Safe September”

The Government is clearly determined to press ahead with a full opening of schools in England in September – but without taking the steps necessary to avoid a further acceleration of infection within our communities, nor to protect the safety of staff, pupils and their families.

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The scientific evidence mounts: children DO transmit Covid-19

The latest research shows that the DfE guidance, recommending that schools open with full classes, no effective physical distancing and no PPE is reckless. Trade unions and parents must urgently demand that it is withdrawn and replaced with a strategy that recognises – and properly mitigates against – the real risks.

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