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This site has been created to provide information and resources for trade unionists and school staff, parents and students, and all who want to defend – and improve – young people’s education.

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Socialist Party in Education brings together members of the Socialist Party working in schools and colleges in England and Wales. We help lead struggles as workplace reps and elected local union officers, particularly in the NEU but also in UNISON and other school unions.

The Socialist Party fights for socialism – a democratic society run for the needs of all and not the profits of a few. As educators, we fight for a fully resourced, democratically run, genuinely comprehensive socialist education that meets the needs of all learners.

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What we stand for


Put safety and well-being first. NEU must stand firm on demanding the ‘5 tests’ are met.

Investment In Education

Invest in education. Reverse school cuts, reduce class sizes.

End SATs & League Tables

For child-centred not test-driven education. End SATs and League Tables in England.

Curriculum Change

For an anti-racist curriculum that stresses the need for working-class unity.

Value School Staff

Value school staff. End performance pay, win national pay scales and workload limits for all.

End Academies

End Academies. Bring all schools, including private schools, under democratic local control.

Latest Articles


Lockdown but still no testing in Caerphilly

“Now we’re in local lockdown. Yet the schools are open, and there is still no sign of routine tests or even temperatures being taken at the gates. If they had routine tests each week then we could just get on with it. This nonsense will just lead to closures all over again”.

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If it’s not safe, then escalate !

STAFF HAVE RETURNED to school wanting to do the best for their students. But schools’ responsibilities for education and welfare also extend to safety – for children, for families, and certainly to their staff.

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