The Tories have been forced into a complete U-turn over the issue of A-Level and GCSE grade moderation.

Listen to Socialist Party member, Martin Powell-Davies, discussing the grading U-turn on LBC radio here.

Here is an excerpt from the response to this climbdown by Young Socialists – read more on

This victory can only be chalked up to the efforts of students and young people who mobilised in the streets following the revelations that working class students were far more harshly moderated compared to students from elite and private schools.

This victory demonstrates that when young people fight, they can win. But now is the time for young people to escalate our struggle to demand that not only are they given the grades they worked hard for but also to demand:

● Fully fund an expansion of courses. Give every student their choice. Invest in a high quality education for all – scrap tuition fees, cancel student debt, and reverse the marketisation of the universities.
● Fully fund real jobs and training for school leavers and students. Take the wealth off the 1% to fund a mass programme of socially useful job creation for young people.

This article is included in our August 2020 Socialist Party in Education Bulletin – download a copy from the homepage.

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