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Socialist Education

Lessons from the exams fiasco

The enforced government U-turns over the grading of this summer’s school exams has shone a spotlight on the inbuilt class inequality inherent in education under capitalism. But what place would exams have in a socialist curriculum?

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A-level results reinforce class divide in education

Students should be awarded the grades their teachers decided so they can move on to the next stages of their lives without these ridiculous and unfair judgements weighing them down. Working class students must not be funnelled away from top universities. All applicants must receive a high quality, fully-funded university place.

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Lessons in teaching equality

After over a decade of intensified attacks on workers’ living standards, and without the labour movement organising decisively to oppose them, it is almost inevitable that the growing anger and alienation within working-class communities can be misdirected towards chauvinism and division. It is the task of socialists, without ever conceding to discriminatory views, to find a way to overcome those divisions and help bring workers together in the united struggle needed to solve the problems we face.

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